My Love For You

My Love For You

this world has not created words that are sufficient to describe my love for you
Neither dictionary nor google can help me find a combination of such words that can aspire to be enough
eloquently stringing together a myriad of words that by definition signify love, is not tough
choosing words that rhyme or flow with a melodious rhythm, may prove not so difficult, it’s true

I will elect letters to form words that mere mortals use to explain this phenomena of emotions
But I have not been granted the use of words from beyond this earth
I hope that these simple lines strung together can explictly show my devotion
and leave you with little doubt as to how grandiose is my love for you

I love you more today than yesterday and more still until the day I find the lyrics that adequately express my love
I shall skulk every edge and in between of this world to locate, learn, or even invent the verses needed to iluminate your soul


Will You?

Will you?

If I fall,

Will you catch me?
Watch as I hit the ground?

If I fall before you reach me,
Will you help me pick up the pieces?

If I lose myself in you,
Will you find me?
Will you extract the core of me and make me whole again?

I am not saying I have fallen ,
I am not saying I am completely lost,
I admit only to losing myself in the essence that is you

Under your spell, bit by bit; I am falling
I am trying to break the surface;
I cannot, will not, drown in you

I am losing myself in your hypnotizing gaze
Stuck in the void, losing my breath

If I lose, and give in to the need
Will you search for me?
And give me the kiss of life?

Will we both win?
Will I lose you and never be whole again?

—(J.Vel) 1/5/15


The scale is no longer balanced,

thoughts of you overpowered the calm

In the serene silence, I heard your voice again

With eyes shut, ears sealed

your voice still penetrated my composed world;

your face invaded my sight

You, rumbling in my heart and soul

your voice echoing throughout my being

Oh, how I missed the sweet nothings you whispered in my ears

I once again have you near,

at night you are mine

in my dreams; our love is still alive

—J. Vel ( 12/16/14)



Happy 184th Birthday, Emily Dickinson

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all” –Emily Dickinson

As I reread your words I’m taken back in time. I try to see the world thru your eyes, using your words to guide me..

184 years ago you were born and the gift of words that you left this world, to me, will forever be priceless.. Thank you for spilling your soul on paper..

I Killed a Man (J.Vel)

As I lay on my death bed I must confess; I killed a man today. Shot him thru the heart on this day of confessions. Though my intentions were only to free my soul of the anguish before I left this world; I killed a man instead. My words bursting with agony and with each one uttered, a piece of his heart fell apart until all that was left was a hole. A gaping hole in his chest where a heart beat happily just days before. I killed a man today and didn’t even know it until I let go of all the pain inside of me. The words poured out of my mouth quick and unrehearsed ; my brain unable to catch them all before they committed the crime. I killed a man today and yet he still walks the earth as I breathe the last breath of this life…


Melodic provocation of the mind
The sway of your hips
The lyrics as they pass your lips
Ever so precise
Each beat, each note on pitch
Gradually kindling the fire inside
Every strum of your guitar
I feel your fingers on me
Slowing strumming my stems
Chills course thru me like a woman possessed
Stoking the fire higher and stronger
With each baritone melody
My breath departs, frozen
By the vision you become
As you transform your persona
Gone is the reluctant, insecure man
Replaced by poised swaggering rock star
Ready for it all
Ripe for the picking
I raise my voice in rhythm with yours
Trying to steal a moment,
A simple glance in my direction
to acknowledge our power
The one you deny in this setting
Yet, you feel the energy and glance my way
Locked on each other
the rest of the world does not exist
the words you sing, all for me
Always for me


Excerpt from Ramblings of a Broken Soul (J.Vel)

I want to rip you out!

I want you to feel yourself being torn apart
I want you to feel some of this agony

Maybe that would make it more bearable

But you don’t care!

You see me,
I know you do
But you don’t look deep enough
You can’t see the torment within
You don’t care to look

To you I am a chapter already written and discarded
A rough draft, no longer wanted
And yet I wait for that time and place

A time and place
where you care

Dance (J.Vel)

The melodious vibrations in her ears
Causes her to sway unexpectedly
The melody , a gentle lull
Wrapping its arms around her body and soul
Enveloping her in the rapture of sound
Each note resonating within
her hips gyrating in rhythm
Her body undulating of it’s own accord
Following the music flowing thru her veins
She is bound by the melodies that emulate her lover’s caress…

Tempestuous ride (J. Vel)

Unruly locks so soft,

Perfect for hands to run thru

One falls across his forehead

his hands slowly move

his gaze caught with hers

pupils dilate

breathes increase

heart audibly palpates

the world is a blur

buzzing, quivering

scorching the nerve endings

throbbing heat

thoughts evaporate

breathing ceases

burning, yearning

a primitive need within

pulsating, wet, yet on fire

his gaze intensifies

deep within she sees

the need, the urge

she reaches out to touch

one single lock

aching for more

bodies in an inferno

Nothing to satiate the need

To cool the flame inside

A blink

Breaks the all consuming instant

vanished, not forgotten

corporal beings humming with need

never to be

Banked for a time

hoping for release

and waiting

to be stoked

again and again