By Jae Vel
Between you and me
You have been quiet lately
Showing me glimpses to satisfy the need, barely
To create, that need within me
Maybe, I no longer need you and I am healed?
Tell that to the recurrent dreams or, shall I call them nightmares?
Where your voice reverberates within me, disturbing the peace
No, you have never been silent, just dormant waiting for the opportunity to pounce
To sabotage my well-being, to silence my laughter
You have been waiting in silence for the right moment
Flickering in and out of my daydreams waiting to get a reaction
Well, are you now content?
Here it is, I hear you, I see you, loud and clear
Message received, you never left
You will hound me till my last breath
You: the words bouncing around my mind
You will forever be my companion


When I’m at a loss for words…

When I find that the words are not flowing, I look to the multitude of quotes that inspire me. Here is one that describes how I feel and lets me know I’m not alone..


“I write because there is a voice within me that will not be still”

                                                                        – Sylvia Plath


I could sit here all day and retype the quotes that motivate me, but I won’t. Every once in a while, I will share the one that speaks to me the most and maybe they will speak to you as well.