Time to mourn

Time to Mourn

-Jae Vel

I never truly mourned the loss of you

I kept a part of the pain inside

I used it to fuel the rage, to fuel, me

I held back tears because I didn’t want to seem weak

I held back because I had hope that you would one day return

I only let some of the pain seep through

it was reflected in my writing, my song choices and my eyes

the pain, the sadness, the void you left behind never left

I couldn’t cry, I wouldn’t cry, I wanted to keep a part of you with me

Even through the pain I wanted you here

I held on so tight for so long that I lost touch with reality

So many years, so much wasted time half mourning you and half hoping

I would catch glimpses of you and my eyes would light up again

Only to be thrown into despair

A despair of my own volition

You never told me to hold on

You never said anything

You just up and left one day

And I’ve been lingering in purgatory

In a state of unbalance

Without giving myself permission to mourn

To mourn the loss of you

Of us

Of time

Of hope

Of reality

What I wanted didn’t matter

What I wanted didn’t matter

-Jae Vel

I wanted to tell you everything
I wanted to let you know all that I learned
About myself,
About you,
about life and the space within
I wanted to show you what you built up in me and then shattered
I wanted to scream, cry, and destroy
I wanted to hug, smile, and rejoice
I wanted to do so many things with you
For you and for me
I wanted to explore what you made me feel
I wanted so much that I failed to notice what you wanted
I wanted you to want the person that I am
the person I grew to be,
the person you helped shape
the person you helped me find again
I wanted you to want me, the real me
but you didn’t want to see, didn’t want to hear, didn’t want to feel
in the end, you just didn’t want me

Thinking On Paper

Thinking on Paper

By Jae Vel

I like to think that the conversations we had have stuck with you

I like to think that you wear black for me

I like to think that you wear black in hopes that I will one day see

That I will see and I will know you have been thinking of me

I like to think that in a crowd of people that you always look for me

That when you listen to the ballads and songs of loss, you are thinking of what could have been

I like to think that you care and try to show me in little ways that only I would understand

I like to think that I was not wrong about you

I like to think that the choices you made were for my benefit

I like to think that I knew you

I like to think I haven’t deluded myself and made more of things than truly was there

I like to think that one day you will ask for my forgiveness

I like to think that you will come back one day after you realize that what we felt was real

I like to think that when that day comes it will be too late for “I’m sorry.”