Dream vs Reality (Jae Vel)

You came to me in a dream,

You pulled away as I reached out to you

You were shaking your head slowly as you spoke


As I looked upon your face, you were smiling,

your  eyes shimmering as before

You took my hand, looked me in the eyes

and said the words I wanted to hear

with each syllable,

a piece of the sorrow that surrounded the heart of me, dissipated


I prayed to never wake from the dream, and on and on it went

each word you spoke, every scene, unfolding piece by piece

until the final resolution

I woke up in peace, as if the final chapter had ended; the story over


The suffering and pain of the many years of silent torment disappeared in that dream

The door finally had closed, but,

I closed it!

Not you!

You were never here, never said the words I was longing to hear

My consciousness fed me the lines through your lips that I had conjured, using the sound of your voice that I had not forgotten, to help me along my journey

I guided myself, to this point of complete peace,

If I see you again, let it be in a dream,

for it is there that we could finally speak our truths…


~Jae Vel

Tailspin (J.Vel)

Tailspin (J.Vel, 4/8/15)


You and I

Him and Her

Them and Us

You and Her

Him and I


More than one and never the same

One, a complicated truth;

A painful reality

One, an unfulfilled destiny;

An anticipated dream

One, a reason to breathe;

A reason to smile

One, a heartbreaking truth;

One, an evolving lie;

A multitude of unattainable reveries


Him and I

You and Her

Them and Us

Him and Her

You and I


Reflections on the Page

Reflections on the Page (J.Vel)


It’s vital, to put pen to paper

for the depths to be whole again,

each word a fugitive from within,

Vacating the need; a slow taper

Of the regrets therein


A catharsis of the mind,

Leaving behind an echoing silence

Instructing one self

To move on from yesterday and live lavishly,

a life without misgivings;

’tis only a short chapter we have on this terrain


Alas I,

Shattered in the silence, now a broken bulb

And at the rate I am moving,

I can no longer withstand

Each step forward, bringing you back

Futile was the attempted purge of you,

for all that remains is the growing necessity



The air to my lungs,

The beating of my heart,

The broken one,

the unattainable,

untouchable destroyer of reveries;

Shall ever be…


My perpetual regret




“To thine own self be true”


Who doesn’t love a little Shakespeare now and then? I was having a somewhat heated discussion with a good friend of mine about tattoos ( I am for them and he is against) and started thinking about this quote.

Be true to who you are. Be respectful, kind, loving, overall a good human being but above all else be true to you. Without that you have nothing; it has taken me many years to realize this.

If you can’t be yourself, then who are you?

I thought I knew who I was, but I lost my way quite a few years back. I have again found my way; the path that I choose to continue walking upon. Sometimes, it may be a lonely and harsh road but as long as you persevere and be yourself, nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams.
To quote Robert Frost, choose the road less traveled by and it will make all the difference whether it be good or bad. Only you know the battle inside that each day rages on. The world is filled with so many people and opinions that you can lose yourself. Our inner voice can be overpowered by the roar of the world, don’t let that happen, be you. It’s the only super human power we have, let’s use it!




The scale is no longer balanced,

thoughts of you overpowered the calm

In the serene silence, I heard your voice again

With eyes shut, ears sealed

your voice still penetrated my composed world;

your face invaded my sight

You, rumbling in my heart and soul

your voice echoing throughout my being

Oh, how I missed the sweet nothings you whispered in my ears

I once again have you near,

at night you are mine

in my dreams; our love is still alive

—J. Vel ( 12/16/14)