About Thru Black-Framed Glasses

Thru Black-Framed Glasses, a blog about my life and what I’m passionate about : Mental health awareness, writing, books, music, movies, friends and just… me.

I’m a Latinx writer and RN. I am a mom. I always like to say I’m a nurse by day, writer by night and mom 24/7.

I write poetry, and working on my novel which is in the Thriller genre.

The book genres I typically read are Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical Romance, Fiction, Speculative Fiction.  ***Suggestions from readers for books are always welcome.***

Music genres I love: Too many to list here. I love music, there is something absolutely liberating about music. Personally my playlist varies from classical, pop, rock, metal, latin and more. The best part of music is discovering new songs and artists that touch your soul; changing you forever. Songs that you can relate to, songs that help you cope and so on. I’m on a mission to find new artists that leave their mark  behind by the sound of their voice, melodies or lyrics. . I’m all ears for any artists or songs you feel can live up to this.


I’m a Mental Health Advocate, as someone who lives with Depression, anxiety and PTSD. I tend to write about my journey.

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