To my munchkin on her 8th birthday:

Daughter of mine, if someone would have told me that I would have a child so like me and yet still so different,  I would not believe it. I never thought I would have a daughter like you, one who closely resembles me in many ways. Every day as I watch you when you are not looking, I’m finding the small quirks that are a part of who I am, in all the little things you do.  I find bits and pieces of my mom; your grandmother and I find parts of your daddy, but what amazes me the most are the small pieces of me.  Your expressions, the way your eyes shine, the need to move or sing when a song comes on, the way your mind works 100mph and sometimes you cannot connect it to what you are trying to say. The excitement you feel for the most miniscule things, all quirks you inherited from your mother. Finding the joy in the silliest of things that even make me look twice with surprise, like finding shapes in the clouds; I still do that. I’m wondering if you are learning from watching me or just something that is already inside of you since the moment you became a part of me.

You amaze me every day, even with your non-stop chatter that can drive me up the wall; I still love to hear your voice.  You,  using your grandpa’s phone to call me after school just to say Hi and see what you can get out of doing for the day, brings a smile to face even on my worst days. Walking thru the door and having you race to hug me; I hope that never changes, the love you have for your momma. I love our game we play ” I love you, no, I love you more, ok, you love me more”, I always let you say you love me more, but how can it be true when I would give you my very heart from my chest if you needed. I let you say you love me more, hoping that you never forget as the years pass by.

Today, another year has passed and the changes I have seen in you are astonishing. You are learning responsibilities, even keeping your dad and me on track with our schedule, you are generous and most of all a cheerful, caring young lady. I could go on and on about the goodness I see in you, but anyone who knows you, already knows how wonderful you are.  You deserve praise my beautiful baby girl. You are growing up, 8 years old today; I’m excited and happy but sad to see you growing up so fast.

Where has the time gone? The time when I would hold you in my arms and rock you to sleep by singing “Amazing Grace”, I can still sing to you but I can’t seem to get close enough to you, I can no longer carry you, my big girl.  I love that you want your mommy to tuck you in every night and sometimes still sing you that song. I love to see your eyes filled with joy and love just by being with your momma. I watch you sleep sometimes reflecting on the years that have passed by so quickly. I love to watch you smile in your sleep. You are such a happy girl; we must be doing something right, that even in your sleep you smile.

I kiss your cheek each night before I go to sleep, and you always smile and burrow further into your blankets as if you were waiting for that last kiss of the night from mommy. You are loved and I’m determined to show you every day in all our interactions. Showing you how to bake, cook, by playing games, and just being present for you, helping you learn as I also learn from you. I hope you continue on this path you are on, filled with joy,  loving life and loving your mommy unconditionally to the moon and back. For that’s how much I love you, to the moon and back and around again a few more times. My heart is filled with infinite love for you, never forget it my munchkin.

Happy Birthday, my Natalia.




2 responses to “To my munchkin on her 8th birthday:

  1. How touching and absolutely sweet. Being a mother has so many trials but it is an amazing privilege!! May God bless her and guide her! You are a wonderful mom Jenny!


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