Truth or Dare (J.Vel)

Truth or Dare (J.Vel)


She swayed along with the sensual melodies

Oblivious to her surroundings, yet

Her body aware of his presence

Her mind captivated by the beat

Transporting her to a past encounter

Biting her lip and with hooded eyes

She glanced in his direction by instinct

She gazed upon his weary face

Strong calloused hands ran thru his hair,

Nervously without intent

His disheveled locks, the only clear sign of distress

His piercing hazel eyes slowly found hers in the crowded room,

The promise in his eyes, the intensity of the scene he portrayed.

caused her to quiver with need,

the force overwhelming her senses

closing her eyes, she catapulted to the past

when his lips once touched hers freely

back when she begged to be his, all he had to do was beckon

she would come crawling

a crook of his finger and she obeyed

forever lost in the haze of their passion

shaking herself from the desire he ignited

she faced his stare head on

daring him to come claim what has always been his,

his eyes flashed at the challenge,

she no longer had pity for the weak

this time, the game would be on her terms

her rules or burn in silence

truth or dare;

face the truth and walk away

or take the dare and be branded by her


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