Reflections on the Page

Reflections on the Page (J.Vel)


It’s vital, to put pen to paper

for the depths to be whole again,

each word a fugitive from within,

Vacating the need; a slow taper

Of the regrets therein


A catharsis of the mind,

Leaving behind an echoing silence

Instructing one self

To move on from yesterday and live lavishly,

a life without misgivings;

’tis only a short chapter we have on this terrain


Alas I,

Shattered in the silence, now a broken bulb

And at the rate I am moving,

I can no longer withstand

Each step forward, bringing you back

Futile was the attempted purge of you,

for all that remains is the growing necessity



The air to my lungs,

The beating of my heart,

The broken one,

the unattainable,

untouchable destroyer of reveries;

Shall ever be…


My perpetual regret





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