My Love For You

My Love For You

this world has not created words that are sufficient to describe my love for you
Neither dictionary nor google can help me find a combination of such words that can aspire to be enough
eloquently stringing together a myriad of words that by definition signify love, is not tough
choosing words that rhyme or flow with a melodious rhythm, may prove not so difficult, it’s true

I will elect letters to form words that mere mortals use to explain this phenomena of emotions
But I have not been granted the use of words from beyond this earth
I hope that these simple lines strung together can explictly show my devotion
and leave you with little doubt as to how grandiose is my love for you

I love you more today than yesterday and more still until the day I find the lyrics that adequately express my love
I shall skulk every edge and in between of this world to locate, learn, or even invent the verses needed to iluminate your soul



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