The Eradication of You


The Eradication of You

Countless times I have said I would never change my history
But days like today, I wish to be at liberty
Be free of you and free of this agony

If I could turn back the hands of time
I would delete you from my life
Choose the path without your voice,
Without your face,
without your penetrating gaze

I would return to that day our eyes first met
Strike you from my memory,
Hit reset

I would obliterate every memory you and I made
Each caress, kiss, glance and all the words we said

Every moment I spent awake thinking of you and
Dreams I spent with you dancing in my mind
All gone, a simple delete
and I would be at peace

I long for that less complicated option of my existence
Without you in it,
Not even a hint

You broke me and I cannot piece back all the shards of my heart
Shattered by your silence
By the absence of your touch

Yes, I would erase you
And feel no more… pain,
I would lose the perfect moments; just to forget you

And if one day, you read my verses
I want you to feel that torment
To be unable to reach out to me,
remember me and wonder what could have been

—(J.Vel 1/5/15)


One response to “The Eradication of You

  1. WOW! Talk about DEEP! It speaks so loudly and clearly! It’s a truth we sometimes can’t admit but it’s a reality we face at one point or another…

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