Will You?

Will you?

If I fall,

Will you catch me?
Watch as I hit the ground?

If I fall before you reach me,
Will you help me pick up the pieces?

If I lose myself in you,
Will you find me?
Will you extract the core of me and make me whole again?

I am not saying I have fallen ,
I am not saying I am completely lost,
I admit only to losing myself in the essence that is you

Under your spell, bit by bit; I am falling
I am trying to break the surface;
I cannot, will not, drown in you

I am losing myself in your hypnotizing gaze
Stuck in the void, losing my breath

If I lose, and give in to the need
Will you search for me?
And give me the kiss of life?

Will we both win?
Will I lose you and never be whole again?

—(J.Vel) 1/5/15


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