The Storm Within

The Storm Within (J.Vel)

The sea is alive and creating a tomb for some
Crashing against the door
Wave after wave beating it down
Flooding the floor
Water rushing thru the cracks of the floor boards
The once stable house, trembles from the force
Wood flying in every direction
The deluge has penetrated the inner sanctum of this once statuesque home
In its wake destroying the false united front
The walls once filled with fake smiles and glee
Now barren, cracking from the turbulent storm
The sound of forced laughter no longer echoing in the halls
Blasted from every angle, the sea destroyed all in its wake
Walls crashing down, door frames half remain
A continuous echo of horrifying screams and shouts of despairs can still be heard
Even after the torrential storm
As the life beings to fade away,
the light seeping out of two of the three occupants
debris covers the once stable home
Amidst the chaos a lone survivor,
A witness to all the devastation
A forgotten soul locked away in a secret passage way
She sees the damage, she feels the pain like a sharp knife lodged in her heart
Unable to scream, mouth open wide
No sound is forthcoming
She tries to run, her feet are glued to the last remanants of the once fierce home
Dread fills her soul as she glimpses the corpses of her family
a storm had been brewing for so long
until it reached epic proportions
destroying everything it touched
the laughter, smiles
gentle touches
the love gone before the eye of the storm struck
in the midst of it all a lone survivor
a part wishing she had gone to sleep as well
another filled with hope
no longer a burden
no longer hidden from the light
she was free to decide
terrified of the world
she took her first steps
following her heart
ignoring the agonizing truth
she was alone
the house no longer her foundation
no longer a spectator to pain

a spectator to abuse
no longer a punching bag herself
on shaky legs she left her hell on earth
on a journey to recover from the storm within


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