I haven’t read a page of my books in two weeks. The craziness of the holiday season sunk its claws into me and left me with little time for my pages of words.

I feel hollow inside, like a piece of me is missing. I ache to feel a book in my hands and dive into another world. I have so many unread books on my bookshelf and acquired even more as birthday and Christmas gifts. Plenty of worlds to explore and so little time.

Does anyone out there ever feel like this?

I joke with my loved ones letting them know I am going thru “withdrawals”, but, it is very true. I feel empty, shaky and irritated because I have been unable to read. I have touched my books and there is one on my night stand, one in my purse, one pretty much everywhere I look and wherever I am.

I love the holiday season and time with my loved ones but I’m looking forward to the “after”; my hibernation period. Two months of bliss exploring the worlds created by my favorite authors.

Let’s see if I can sneak some reading in before the new year..Off I go to dive into the world of cadavers as I begin reading Stiff by Mary Roach.




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