I haven’t had a chance to update my book reviews or really any reviews since I’m having a blast enjoying my holiday season..

I spent yesterday decorating for the Christmas season with my 2 loves, well 3, if you count my pup. I’m amazed everyday at how my child has grown and all that she has learned from observing us and others. This mom could not be any prouder of the little young lady she is becoming..

When The hubby and I met 12 years ago and spent our first xmas together we started a tradition of decorating with Christmas music blasting, homemade hot chocolate and donuts!! We have been doing the same ever since and watching our munchkin each year grow and become super excited about our traditions is one of the best feelings this mom can have.. She had a blast decorating and we also started new traditions with her, these are moments I will cherish forever and I hope the munchkin will too..

Here is to a great holiday season, wishing you all the best.

– A little piece of me for the day!!


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