Melodic provocation of the mind
The sway of your hips
The lyrics as they pass your lips
Ever so precise
Each beat, each note on pitch
Gradually kindling the fire inside
Every strum of your guitar
I feel your fingers on me
Slowing strumming my stems
Chills course thru me like a woman possessed
Stoking the fire higher and stronger
With each baritone melody
My breath departs, frozen
By the vision you become
As you transform your persona
Gone is the reluctant, insecure man
Replaced by poised swaggering rock star
Ready for it all
Ripe for the picking
I raise my voice in rhythm with yours
Trying to steal a moment,
A simple glance in my direction
to acknowledge our power
The one you deny in this setting
Yet, you feel the energy and glance my way
Locked on each other
the rest of the world does not exist
the words you sing, all for me
Always for me



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