Tempestuous ride (J. Vel)

Unruly locks so soft,

Perfect for hands to run thru

One falls across his forehead

his hands slowly move

his gaze caught with hers

pupils dilate

breathes increase

heart audibly palpates

the world is a blur

buzzing, quivering

scorching the nerve endings

throbbing heat

thoughts evaporate

breathing ceases

burning, yearning

a primitive need within

pulsating, wet, yet on fire

his gaze intensifies

deep within she sees

the need, the urge

she reaches out to touch

one single lock

aching for more

bodies in an inferno

Nothing to satiate the need

To cool the flame inside

A blink

Breaks the all consuming instant

vanished, not forgotten

corporal beings humming with need

never to be

Banked for a time

hoping for release

and waiting

to be stoked

again and again


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