Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward ( spoiler alert)

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

This was our 2nd BDB book we read for our book club, it was hard to try a new author when the 1st book in this series (Dark Lover) left us wanting more. I had already read this book but decided it was a good choice to re-read with our book club. It was a hit! J.R. Ward is a genius!

We all loved the book, after I reading the entire Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series, it is very difficult not to fall in love with the characters and the author.

In this paranormal romance the main characters are Rhage and Mary, but again we meet a multitude of other characters. Each with their own story to tell that leaves you yearning for more after the last page of this book.

Rhage and Mary are both fighting their own inner demons when they meet. Rhage literally has a Beast/ animal tattooed on his back, that is part of him, it takes over him and he cannot control. Mary’s demon is cancer. At first, we only get a glimpse of the strength within Mary; from all the battles she has had to fight for her illness. After the cancer returns she seems defeated, unwilling to believe she is beautiful when she meets Rhage who is captivated by her. Rhage is known as “hollywood” an extreme handsome vampire, he seems self-centered to Mary’s gentle giving, loving nature.

All throughout their love story, Rhage is fighting his inner demon as well as the Lessers ( who are the evil hunting the humans and vampires). You could say the main theme is dealing with demons, both within oneself and those all can see and are fighting with you.

I’m repeating myself when I say this book “flows” well. From page to page and character to character, it is seemless. We find more pieces of a billion piece puzzle coming together and wished this book was longer to reveal a bigger piece of the picture. Great work again, J.R. Ward.

–As always, please leave your comments and any other book recommendations here. Have a great reading adventure until we meet again.

J. Vel


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