Dark Lover by J.R. Ward (Spoiler Alert)

Dark Lover (J.R. Ward)

Basic consensus, loved, loved loved this book; this is not just another book in the paranormal/fantasy genre.  I would say if we were using a pink dagger scale, it would be 5/5 daggers. hahaha.

The use of different point of views was so fluid and helped us become integrated in this story. This book was hard to put down, it flowed so easily and kept the reader intrigued throughout; leaving us wanting more. SoulB, Venice and I were all excited to hear from Rocky (A Brotherhood Virgin). We had eager faces on waiting for Rocky’s reaction to this book.

She did not disappoint giving us a “fresh” look into the Brotherhood world by helping us see it thru “new” eyes. She mentioned that the use of taking the Lord’s name in vain for the vampires, seemed odd to her, as she felt that Vampires did not believe in GOD, but their own Scribe Virgin. We discussed that the author, goes beyond her characterization of these men, from more than just “monsters/creatures” and makes them seem more human, which may be the cause for their “humanisms” or even that since they interact with humans, ” the way they speak rub off on each other”. 

SoulB mentions that the she loves that in all of JR Ward’s books the women are strong, not afraid to speak their mind and giving a perfect contrast to their men. In this book, Beth and Wrath, seem destined for each other from the beginning. We can see the theme of soul mates/destiny, loyalty, fealty, good vs evil, with good prevailing in the end. A perfect love story, each individual being a part of one whole, without their other half, they were empty, incomplete.

Wrath this massive dangerous King, fell hard and fast for his female, but it did not seem rushed, the writing was very eloquent and flowed with an ease that we felt as we were living side by side the characters, seeing everything first hand.

The death of Darius, at first did not seem like a major point, but as we continued to read, this became the pivotal event in which the King began his path to his reign and finding his soul mate. For Beth, this was the point where she began her journey to discover her true self.

Other scenes such as the “almost rape” of Beth became emotional in this literary journey. The reverence of the Brotherhood towards Beth when she went thru her transition and became known as Wrath’s gave us goosebumps at such devotion and loyalty. With the culmination of emotion being the scene where Beth is kidnapped and Wrath helpless in his dark basement room, helpless to save his “soul’s mate”. You could feel his pain, hear the agony in his roar, the imagery of this scene proving once again the author is able to bring the reader into her world and not just as a spectator but as a living being in her world.

Our only real complaint, “wished it was longer.” We wanted to continue living in the world side by side these warriors. We discussed the various characters we met, this book was not only about Wrath and Beth, we met several characters that left us craving to hear their stories. Such as the instant kinship between Vishous and Butch, as if they are “soul brothers”. The connection/desire between Butch and Marissa, leaves us yearning to hear more, with a twist at the end, hoping maybe this would be how the next book begins? Who knows what will happen in Book #2. All we know at this point is that the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a world we wish to continue exploring.

I just had a thought, maybe the granting by the Scribe Virgin of Wrath being able to see the “colors” was symbolic, that he had once been blind to the beauty of the world until he found his true love, his mate. What do you ladies think? Just my ramblings getting away with from me again.

— Please leave me your comments about this book or other books you feel the Pink Dagger Club should read next.

Have a great reading adventure until we meet again.

J. Vel


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